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Ready, set, run!

Ready, set, run!
And they're off!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do you run in your own events?

That's the one question I'm asked all the time.  It's a harmless question asked by people who want to know if I'm really a big time runner, since I own a running company.  The answer is simple: it's totally impossible to run in my own events and I do like to run, so I run each course a few weeks before reace day.  This way I can make sure that you all have a fun and safe course.  Organizing and producing a successful event is a 110% hands on endeavor.  We typically set-up the day before and then arrive to the venue by 2:00 a.m. and finish up on-site around noon.  Then we head home to unload all of the event gear, clean it and then load it back up in the storage space.  Then it's nap time and then bring the van back to the rental folks.  If you've ever seen me at one of our events, I'm doing everything from driving fence posts to hang our snow fencing to setting up the start/finish line, tending to staff injuries (yes, my son really did hit himself over the head with a fence post driver - $450 to urgent care!), greeting our runners, acting as a course monitor, putting out multiple fires/issues, presenting awards, cleaning out garbage from the "recyclables only" garbage boxes and a whole lot more in-between.  With no sleep for about 34 hours there's no way to run within a weeks time before the race.  Race week is quite the exhausting experience.  If you think running a marathon is tough, come join us if you dare!

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